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Photography Workshops

Get off Auto


This is a  practical workshop giving you the opportunity to learn the basics of photography including aperture, shutter speed, ISO, composition & more. The workshops are suitable for absolute beginners or for those who want to refresher and will last approximately 4-5hours. Ideally your camera should have the facility to change aperture or iso and have Av (A), TV (S) and M modes an M or Manual Modes.

Groups of 5 max

24th April 2021 - £50

Dates in May and June TBC

Street Photography

Learn the skill and Techniques of street photography and gain confidence behind the camera.

Groups of 5

8th May - £50

Low light / Night Photography

Often more rewarding than photography during the day our environment is transformed into scenes of colour, vibrance and reflections at night. Venturing out at dusk allows us to capture beautiful images with rich colours, traffic light trails and painting with light. This low light and night photography workshop is designed for those wishing to safely venture out at dusk or after dark to capture images of Norwich from a different perspective.

Groups of 5

28th April - £50

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